First “Eddie’s Closet” Video Version from September 2014

The “Eddie’s Closet” segment on GolfTalk Live has been airing since June of 2013.  Due to demands from the different companies featured, product representatives asked if there was a way to isolate the audio from the show so they could use the feature for marketing purposes.  The result was the video version.

Once the show with that month’s “Eddie’s Closet” airs, the video is created by Caiazzo and placed on YouTube so the different companies can share on their website’s and social media outlets.  This is the first video version featuring the ClubCrown Stripe (, GolfSmart ( and The Golf Slot Machine (

The GolfTalk Live radio show, based in Philadelphia, PA, features a monthly segment about different products in the golf industry called “Eddie’s Closet,” hosted by long-time show producer Eddie “The Kid” Caiazzo.  Due to the high-demand of interview requests on the show, host Tony Leodora passes those requests to Caiazzo.  If you would like your product to be featured, email and your request will be processed in the order received.


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